Basic Math Practice

Cool math app which allows you easily and effectively practice arithmetic operations!

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Improve your math skills

Just open Basic Math Practice and type your answer. Simply every time you open Calculation screen, calculation mode is triggered and your math session is up. Examples are automatically generated according to Settings for you. You can track your progress, elapsed time and number of wrong answers at every moment.


Results at a glance

Summary result screen is shown when the last example is completed. Here you can see how accurate your answers were, how much time it took and of course how many mistakes you made. Next time you'll be better...for sure!

Summary Results

Details bring right answers

You can get better only in case you know your weak spots. So this is what detail results uncover. Review your wrong answers, find out which calculation took significant time or what kind of operation is your general weakness.

Detail Results

You rule the game

Settings are the place where you set your limits. Select number of examples for given calculation session, choose desired operations and decide how difficult generated examples should be. You can start easy with something like 1 + 1 or go harder for 406 ÷ 14. Choice is yours.


Multitasking support

Sometimes doing only one thing is not enough. Now you can do even more during you calculation sessions on your iPad or iPad Pro. It is possible to work with more than one application at the same time. You can use features like Split View or Slide Over to bring one more app on the screen.

Detail example settings

Select desired math operations, use LOWEST and HIGHEST Operand value to set boundaries for generated examples and practice exactly what you need. Example: Set only multiplication and division within the interval from 5 to 10 and you get examples like 5 x 6, 48 ÷ 8, 7 x 10 or 100 ÷ 10.

Basic Math Practice

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